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 EPASS:-The Government of Andhra Pradesh has issued GO. MS. NO.66 SOCIAL WELFARE (SW.EDN.2) DEPARTMENT  Dated: 08-09-2010.pertains to the complete guidelines of ANDHRA PRADESH POST MATRIC SCHOLARSHIPS or EPASS POST MATRIC SCHOLARSHIPS based on the recommendations of GROUP OF MINISTERS. The GO. MS. NO. 66 IS BELOW FOR YOUR READY REFERENCE.

SOCIAL WELFARE DEPARTMENT - Streamlining of Post- Matric Scholarships
 to SC/ST/BC/EBC/Minorities/Physically Challenged - guidelines to be followed
 for reimbursement of fees to the colleges and payment of scholarships to the
      students – Orders – Issued.

G.O. Ms. No. 66                                                                     Dated: 08-09-2010.
                                                                                          Read the following:-
1. G.O.Ms.No.90, Social Welfare (Edn.2) Department, dated
2. G.O.Ms.No.56, Social Welfare ( Edn 2) Department, dated 06-
3. G.O Ms. No. 14, Social Welfare (Edn.2) Department, dated
4. G.O.Ms.No.143, Social Welfare (Edn.2) Department, dated
5. G.O Ms No. 2089, G.A (Special. A) Department, dated
6. G.O.Ms No 2509, G.A (Cabinet) Department, dated 21.5.2010.
       Government of Andhra Pradesh is sanctioning Post Matric Scholarships
 benefiting every year to about 25.00 lakh Scheduled Castes (SC),Scheduled
Tribes (ST), Backward Class (BC), Economically Backward Class (EBC),
 Minorities and Physically Challenged students in the State. To ensure proper
 distribution of the scholarships, Government have issued comprehensive
guidelines in the reference first read above and the scholarships are being
sanctioned and disbursed as per the guidelines only.
2     To ensure timely sanction and disbursement of Post Matric Scholarships,
in the G.O. fourth read above, Government introduced the Online System for
sanction of Post Matric Scholarships to SC, ST, BC, EBC, Minorities and
Physically Challenged students during 2008-09, entrusting the responsibility of
online sanction of PMS to Centre for Good Governance (CGG) through e-Pass
(Electronic Payment and Application System of Scholarships) developed by
3     Government vide G.O.6 read above, have constituted a Committee of
Group of Ministers to suggest guidelines to be followed for reimbursement of
fees to the colleges and payment of scholarships to the students for delivering
the scheme in a more effective manner to the highest satisfaction of the
eligible students.
4     Government after careful examination of the recommendations of the
Group of Ministers, hereby issue the following orders in partial modification of
the G.O’s first and second read above:
       i) Scholarships on Saturation basis: The Post Matric Scholarship
       Scheme (PMS) shall be available to all eligible students on a
      “Saturation Basis” among the SC/ST/BC/EBC/Minority/Physically
       Challenged communities to pursue higher studies. The scheme
       applies to all universities & its affiliated colleges whose admission
       process is regulated/administered by the State Government.
       Under the Saturation basis all eligible students whose family
       income is less than Rupees One Lakh per annum shall be covered
       under the PMS scheme.
ii) Scheme of Post Matric Scholarships: The Scheme of Post
Matric Scholarship shall include Reimbursement of Tuition fee
(RTF) payable to colleges and Maintenance charges payable to the
Students (MTF). Tuition fee shall include all fees which are nonrefundable
as fixed by the university or authority constituted for
the purpose by the State Government. Maintenance fees (MTF)
shall be paid as per the course wise prescribed rates.

iii) Eligibility for Convener Quota seats:- All students admitted by
the Convenor as notified by the Government, under the Quota
meant for the Convenor, shall be eligible for the PMS scheme.
However, Students admitted under management quota or through
spot admissions i.e., left over seats of the Convenor quota filled by
managements subsequently, will not be eligible for the PMS
Scheme. In respect of Medical Colleges, the PMS scheme will also
be applicable to the “B” category only in respect of SC and ST

iv) Self Financed Course: With respect to self financed courses for which the fee is fixed by the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC), the restriction of Rs. 20,000/- per annum is removed and full fee will be reimbursed from the academic year 2009-10. In all other cases not covered by the AFRC, the provisions under reference 2nd cited shall continue to apply
v) Display of Course Fees: All colleges are mandated to display the
course-wise fees that is reimbursed by the Government on the
College notice board or the college website. These fee particulars
must be made available necessarily at the time of admissions to
enable the students to be aware of the fee structure. These
measures will enable clarifying a large number of apprehensions
in the student and college community.

vi) Rationalization of Field Officers: All the Welfare Departments
shall streamline and rationalize the jurisdiction of the field level
officers to facilitate the students and colleges for expeditious

vii) Income Declaration & Income Certificate: The Revenue
department shall issue detailed guidelines for the issue of Income
Declaration by suitably incorporating the recommendation of the
Group of Ministers constituted vide G.O sixth read above. The
Revenue department shall be accordingly issued suitable directions
in the grant of Income certificate to students.

viii) Attendance: In respect of Attendance, the existing instruction
issued vide G.O Ist cited will continue to hold good i.e., 75%
attendance or as prescribed by the University under its
regulations, is compulsory for availing the PMS scheme.

ix) Renewals for all Promoted students: Post Matric Scholarships
shall be renewed in respect of all students promoted to the next
academic year. In accordance with the Regulations of the
University/Institution, if a student is promoted to the next higher
class even though he/she may not have actually passed in all
subjects in the lower class and is required to take examination of
the junior class again after sometime, he/she will still be entitled
to scholarship for the class to which he/she is promoted if the
student is otherwise eligible for Post Matric scholarship. The total
period of sanction of scholarship however shall not exceed the
standard duration of the course.
x) Redesigning of Application forms: The online Application form
shall be suitably redesigned to make it user friendly.


     (i) E-Pass online System: The administration of PMS shall be
online. The Online process on the e-Pass website includes
Registration of colleges, filing of applications by students, scanning
and submission of documents of the student applications by the
colleges, verification and sanction of scholarships by the
department and submission of bills online to the treasury for
making disbursement through the online banking system.

    (ii) College Registration: All colleges affiliated to regular universities
shall register on the e-Pass website and furnish details of the
courses offered, recognition status for the courses, bank account
details, college attached hostel details, if any, to enable the
correct filing of applications and claims by the Students and the
College Managements,

   (iii) Online application by students: To avail the PMS Scheme, each
eligible student shall apply online on the e-Pass website with all
relevant particulars such as income certificate, caste certificate,
Photograph, Copy of the first page of the savings bank account for
remittance of the MTF, marks of the qualifying examinations such
as SSC, Intermediate etc as the case may be, copy of the ration
card/ election photo identity card or any other proof of identity as
may be required by the welfare officers concerned.

  (iv) Certificates submission by the college: All Colleges who have
registered on the e-Pass website after receiving the online
applications (fresh and renewals) from students, shall submit the
scanned copies of the income certificate, caste certificate,
photograph and copy of the first page of the savings bank

  (v) Registration of Renewals: All students who wish to renew their
scholarship under PMS shall also register on the e-Pass website to
enable the Welfare departments to process the claims.

  (vi) Unique ID for Scholarship holders: Each Post Matric
scholarship holder shall be allotted a Unique Id which shall remain
throughout the currency of his educational career for the purpose
of seeking scholarships. A candidate shall always quote this unique
ID for future correspondence with the Government.

  (vii) Disbursal of RTF & MTF to be online: The disbursal of RTF to
colleges and MTF to students shall be done through the online

       a) All colleges and Students shall have a bank account.
Students and Colleges shall furnish their bank accounts at
the time of registration along with the photo copy of the
first page of the bank account.

       b) The disbursal of tuition fee (RTF) shall be made in two
installments to the college concerned.

      c) The disbursal of maintenance charges (MTF) shall be made
in four installments to the student’s bank account.

     d) Any changes in the Bank Account number can be done only
by the authorized representative of the college or by the
student concerned as the case may be.

  (viii) The IT Network of the welfare departments to be
strengthened: The infrastructure for connectivity of the welfare
department offices and the field staff shall be well connected
through the IT network being operated by the CGG. The network
shall take adequate security measures to ensure that the
operations take place in a secure environment.

   (ix) Adequate service level arrangements for IT: - As the
administration of Post-Matric Scholarships is extensive and
voluminous, a robust IT backbone with adequate service level
agreements will ensure a seamless delivery of services to
institutions, departments and students.

   (x) Security features in e-Pass to be strengthened to avoid
double sanctions, erroneous and fictitious claims.

   (xi) Comprehensive MIS System: The e-Pass online portal shall
develop a comprehensive MIS portal for the benefit of the Welfare
Departments, College Managements, and Students to enable realtime
access of information regarding the status of scholarships.

   (xii) Project Monitoring Unit: The Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) shall
update the fee & course masters, monitor the fee structure, and
address technical issues in the e-Pass for all Welfare Departments.
The PMU will function under the administrative control of
Commissioner of Tribal Welfare. As a permanent measure three
posts of the rank of Deputy Directors will be sanctioned exclusively
to assist the Tribal Welfare PMU by the SC, ST & BC Welfare
departments respectively to assist the PMU in the discharge of its

   (xiii) Minority Welfare Department to validate data: The Minority
Welfare department which administers scholarships through a
separate network shall develop suitable cross checks through web
service with the e-Pass server, to validate scholarship applications
so as to avoid duplicate and fictitious claims.

5. The Commissioner of Social Welfare/Commissioner of Tribal
Welfare/Director of B.C.Welfare/Director of Welfare of Disabled and Senior
Citizens / VC&MD, Minorities Welfare are directed to take action accordingly.

6. This order is issued with the concurrence of Finance Department, vide
their U.O.No.9256/Spl.CS Finance/2010 dated 08-09-2010.

7. Copy of this order is available on internet and can be accessed at
address .


The Commissioner of Social Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Commissioner of Tribal Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Commissioner of B.C.Welfare, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Director, Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens, A.P., Hyderabad.
The VC & MD., AP.Minorities Finance Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad.
The Director, Center for Good Governance, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Pay and Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad.
All the District Collectors in the State.
All Deputy Directors of Social Welfare through Commissioner (SW), Hyd.
All District Tribal Welfare Officers through Commission (TW), Hyd.
All District B.C.Welfare Officers through Commissioner (BCW), Hyd.
The Secretary, IT&C Department, A.P. Sectt., Hyderabad.
The Commissioner of Collegiate Education, A.P., Hyd.
The Commissioner of Technical Education, A.P., Hyd.
The Director of Medical Education, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Commissioner of Employment & Training, A.P., hyd.
The Commissoner of Intermediate Education, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad.
The Secretary, AP.State Council of Higher Education, Hyderabad.
The Deputy General Manager, State Bank of India, Hyderabad.
The Asst. General Manager, Syndicate Bank, Somajiguda, Hyd.
The Deputy General Manager, Indian Bank, Circle office, 4th floor, Liberty
Plaza, Himayatnagar, Hyd.
The General Manager, Marketing Deptt., Andhra Bank Head Office, Saifabad,
Hyd.The General Manager (Technical), Indian Bank, Circle Office, 4th floor,
Liberty Plaza, Himayatnagar, Hyd.
Copy to:-
The Vice Chairman, A.P. State Council for Higher Education, Hyderabad.
All Vice Chancellors of Universities in the State.
P.S. to Principal Secretary to C.M.
P.S. to Special Chief Secretary (TW).
P.S. to Principal Secretary (SW).
P.S. to Principal Secretary (BCW).
P.S. to Principal Secretary (Minorities Welfare).
P.S. to Principal Secretary (Disabled Welfare).
P.S. to Principal Secretary (Higher Education).
P.S. to Principal Secretary (School Education).
P.S. to M (SW) / M (TW) / M (BCW) / M (MW) / M (DW) / M (Higher Edn.) / M
(School Edn.) / M (Technical Edn.) / M (Medical Edn.) / M (PR) /
M (Agriculture).
                                 //Forwarded :: By Order//
                                                                                    SECTION OFFICER



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