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EPASS-What are the steps taken by the Government of AP to streamline & systematize the scheme of AP POSTMATRIC SCHOLARSHIPS ?

        The online scheme of AP POSTMATRIC SCHOLARSHIPS or EPASS SCHOLARSHIPS is the most preferable FLAGSHIP programme of GOVERNMENT OF AP. The govt has taken some key steps from time to time to streamline and systematize the EPASS scholarships scheme.Those are as follows.

·         Under the scheme of Post Matric Scholarships reimbursement of tuition fee and maintenance charges are sanctioned to SC/ST/BC/EBC/Minority and disabled students.

·         During 2010-11, an amount of Rs.3700 Crs was incurred to sanction scholarships to about 26 lakh students.

·         Govt. has taken several steps to streamline the procedure and process of sanction, drawal and disbursement of Post Matric Scholarships.

·         Govt. constituted Group of Ministers who gave their recommendations for streamlining the process of scholarships after thorough deliberations with senior officials from the Welfare, Education and Finance departments.
The major changes brought about are as follows:

  • Scholarships on Saturation basis: The Post Matric Scholarship Scheme (PMS) shall be available to all eligible students on a “Saturation Basis” among the SC/ST/BC/EBC/Minority/Physically Challenged communities to pursue higher studies.

·         Online system introduced: Post Matric Scholarships are completely sanctioned online from the point of submission of application forms to release of amounts to the student and college account.

·         ATM Cards:  Scholarships are drawn through ATM / eZ pay cards.

·         Automatic disbursement of scholarship & Fee through Corporate Internet Banking System (CINB):  from the year 2010-11, scholarship and fee amounts are instantaneously transferred from department to treasury and from treasury to Bank Accounts of colleges and students through CINB system due to integration of the Treasury and Bank server.     

·         Income ceiling is raised from Rs. 1:00 lakh to Rs.2.00 lakhs per annum in respect of SC/ST from the year 2011-12 in accordance with Govt. of India guidelines. Also the Govt. AP has issued orders to enhance the maintenance amounts to SC and ST Students from 2011-12 as per Govt. of India rates by merging  SMH into Day Scholar taking the higher side.

·         Colleges to register online:  All the colleges have to register online in the AP Post Matric Scholarship portal i.e.,.  Subsequently, the JDs/DDs(SW)  confirm the functioning of the colleges.  The students studying in such confirmed colleges only are eligible to apply for claiming scholarships.  This has succeeded in eliminating bogus colleges from claiming scholarships. 

·         There are 10994 colleges in the entire State which are confirmed by the JD/DD(SW) during 2010-11.  Prior to introduction of online registration of colleges, there were around 13,000 colleges in the scholarship database.   2000 colleges have since been deleted from e-pass scholarship portal.

·         No fee to be collected from eligible students at the time of admission: The convenors of common entrance exam and college managements shall ensure that non-refundable fee is not collected from eligible SC/ST/BC/EBC/Disabled & Minority students.

·         Scope for duplicate claims eliminated:  From 2010-11, there is no scope for duplicate or bogus claims as e-pass scholarship portal is linked with SSC database server.  Now the student cannot enter his name manually in the online application to claim post matric scholarship.  He only enters his SSC hall ticket number and year of passing and immediately the data of the student, like name, parent name, date of birth, etc. are displayed automatically in the application form.  In this way, the scope for duplicate claims has completely been eliminated. 

·         Management seats barred from claiming scholarships:  Since inception of the Post Matric Scholarship scheme, management quota students were not eligible to get scholarships.   But due to the failure of manual verification system, some of the claims of the students who were admitted under management quota were forwarded, recommended and finally sanctioned scholarships. But now from 2010-11, the scholarship portal is being maintained with web service of Common Entrance Test data of Higher Education where the database of the students of convenor quota, spot quota and management quota is stored.  Due to the availability of CET data, management and spot admission candidates are automatically not allowed to apply for post matric scholarships.

·         Age restriction proposed:  Prior to 2011-12, no age restriction was there to claim Post Matric Scholarships.  Following is the data of scholarship applicants age-wise during 2010-11. 

  Age Group wise Report - 2010-11
Students Age Range
1 .

·         A decision was taken to restrict the age eligibility for scholarship by the Group of Ministers as follows:

Level of Study
EBC/ Minorities
20 years
24 years
25 years
29 years
PG & Above
30 years
34 years

  • Income Declaration & Income Certificate:   Students have to submit an affidavit declaring their property and income details with due signature of parent and student.  MROs issue income certificates after local enquiry and based on income affidavit.



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