Tuesday, 15 March 2016

APEPASS - Precautions to be taken up by the student while register his scholarship application online for 2016-17 or for any academic year

AP EPASS-Precautions to be taken up by the student while filling his scholarship application online for 2016-17:-
 APEPASS-2016-17 epass registrations - precautions to be taken up

      All are aware that AP EPASS post matric scholarships scheme is implementing in a grandier way on saturation mode in the state of Andhra Pradesh covering about 15.50 lakh students every year with the expenditure of Rs.2600Cr every year.

     If a student wants to avail the benefit of fee reimbursement scheme or scholarships scheme ,he should register his scholarship application online in EPASS website, http://www.apepass.cgg.gov.in.
    Out of 15.50 lakhs students,some portion of the students are facing some hardships in sanction and receiving of their scholarship amounts(RTF & MTF).The prime cause for the hardships is to tell that the wrong and insufficient information furnished by the student in his online scholarship application. Due to this wrong entries ,the student would be encountered with the problems like ...rejection of the application,non-sanction of the scholarship claim,non-credit or less credit of scholarship amounts into his account and so on...
     Hence ,to avoid such problems, the student should take the  precautions on the following few items explained below while registering his scholarship application online.
                1. Student should correctly enter his SSS HALLTICKET NUMBER ,year of pass and PASS TYPE (AP REGULAR or AP SUPPLEMENTARY) in the online pms application.
2.When he entered the above particulars ,then his NAME,father name and his date of birth are retrieved from the SSC DATABASE SERVER.
3.Here the student should check his name displayed or not.If another name came,it is meant that the student did a mistake mainly in SSC PASS TYPE or in YEAR OF PASS.
4.If it happened, the student should rectify that mistake by furnishing exact details in SSC PASS TYPE(AP REGULAR or AP SUPPLEMENTARY),YEAR OF PASS. THIS IS THE FIRST& FUNDAMENTAL PRECAUTION TO BE TAKEN BY ALL STUDENTS.
          Student should select his COLLEGE NAME carefully because many colleges are functioning with almost same name in same locality.SO CARE SHOULD BE NEEDED IN THIS REGARD.
    1. Student should furnish the details of  his EXACT COURSE NAME in the epass application 2016-17  keeping in mind that the discrimination between the REGULAR COURSE and SELF-FINANCE COURSE.
2..If he selects the regular course(eg.MSC CHEMISTRY) instead of his actually studying self finance course(eg.MSC CHEMISTRY(SF)),he may loose the RTF amount upto Rs.15000/- approximately. Self Finance courses can be identified with SF tag like MA ENGLISH(SF),MCOM(SF),MBA(SF) etc.SO CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN IN SELECTION OF THE COURSE,exactly as REGULAR or SELF FINANCE.
4..Selection of COURSE YEAR:
        Student should select his COURSE YEAR ,ie,1st year or 2nd year or 3rd year etc. correctly.
                 The student should select his scholarship type such as DAY SCHOLAR(DS),STUDENT MANAGED HOSTEL(SMH),ATTACHED HOSTELLER(CAH/DAH) exactly with understanding. SCHOLARSHIP amount or MTF amount will be   depend  upon the scholarship type.                                                                                         
            This  is very crucial item. If any of the student wrongly furnished the details of his BANK ACCOUNT NO with IFSC CODE ,his scholarship amounts could not be credited into his account even though the amounts are sanctioned online by District Welfare Officer.SO STUDENT SHOULD CAREFULLY FURNISH THE DETAILS OF HIS BANK ACCOUNT WITH IFSC CODE.THEN ONLY SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT SHALL BE CREDITED SMOOTHLY INTO HIS ACCOUNT.
And also student should furnish the correct number of his Aadhaar .Otherwise fingerprints are not captured and the Tuition Fee Reimbursement(RTF) and Maintenance Fee (MTF) not released .
    Finally , if astudent should furnish the correct details of his......
                                         a.SSC HALL TICKET NO, PASS TYPE & YEAR OF PASS
                                          b.COLLEGE NAME
                                          c.COURSE NAME(Regular or self finance)
                                          d.COURSE YEAR(1st year/2nd year...)
                                         e.SCHOLARSHIP TYPE(DS/SMH/CAH/DAH)
                                         f.BANK ACCOUNT with IFSC CODE.
                               and    g. correct Aadhaar number .....
    his scholarship amounts,both RTF & MTF, will be sanctioned and adjusted into the concerned accounts smoothly.
   ......wishing you the best for the epass registrations 2016-17--
                                                                  ....epass scholarships



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