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    The Details of the prestigious RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS (india) 2012-13 as under for your ready referance.

Genral Regulations

A Rhodes Scholarship is tenable at the University of Oxford. Confirmation of the Scholarship at election is however, subject to the Scholar-Elect's acceptance by a college and by the concerned faculty in case of a research degree. Election to the Scholarship is normally for two years but the Scholarship may be held for one year only, depending upon the degree programme pursued by the scholar.

A Rhodes Scholarship covers approved University and College fees for which payment is made directly to the Scholar's College. It also covers living expenses sufficient to enable a Scholar to meet the necessary expenses for term-time and vacations. The Trust will also meet the cost of a Scholar's air travel, economy class, to the United Kingdom, and of return to India on completion of studies at Oxford.

Tenure of other awards in conjunction with a Rhodes Scholarship is not permitted without prior consultation with the Secretary to the Trust in Oxford.

The Scholarship for which application is to be made in 2012 will be tenable from October 2013.

Conditions of Eligibility ( Between 19 to 25 years):
  1. The Scholarships are open to citizens of India.
  2. Candidates must be of such an age that they will have passed their 19th and not have passed their 25th birthday on the 1st October 2013..
  3. Candidates must have at least a first class degree in Humanities, Sciences, Law, Engineering, Agriculture or Medicine from an Indian University. Candidates who are in the Final year of a degree course and have exceptionally bright academic record may also apply.
  4. Candidates for medical studies should consult the Secretary, as well as the Medical School Offices at Oxford, before submitting an application. Particular difficulties may arise for those wishing to do research in clinical departments.
  5. Marriage is not a bar to applying for, or holding, a Rhodes scholarship. However, married candidates should bear in mind that the scholarship stipend is sufficient only for one person, and that the Trust takes no financial responsibility for the support of a scholar's spouse. Moreover, spouses who are not British citizens will find it very difficult to obtain permission to undertake paid work in England.
  6. Subject to ratification by the Rhodes Trustees, the Committee of Selection for India is responsible for deciding whether candidates comply with forgoing conditions, and for making the nominations. 
                   Last date to apply for RHODES SCHOLARSHIP(INDIA) IS   JULY 31st, 2012

                  1)  Candidates should make and submit an application before 31st July, 2012.
                 2) In the normal course, applicants are short listed for a preliminary, personal interview, held at four regional centres including Mumbai (Pune), Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi
                  3) Candidates selected from these regional interviews are then called for the final interview in December. No candidate can be selected without appearing for the final interview.
                            4)   The granting of an interview is entirely within the discretion of the Selection Committee
      Material To Be Submitted By the Candidates:
Candidates applying online may upload electronic copies of the following documents. However, all candidates for interview must bring with them their original certificates, as indicated below.

1. Either a School leaving certificate or an extract from a University Register signed by the Registrar, as evidence of age (attested copy only, which will not be returned.)

2. Evidence of Courses taken and degrees, honour and other academic distinctions obtained. This evidence must be formally certified by the Registrar or any other responsible officer of the candidate’s University (attested copies of certificates only, which will not be returned).
3. (a) A signed essay (preferably typed) by the candidate detailing the proposed course of study at Oxford, general interests and activities, including sports and future aims of the candidate.
(b) The essay should not exceed 1000 words and should be in simple and direct English.
(c) Please take time and write this essay carefully because it essentially forms the basis for the candidate’s interview. The essay will be read not only by the Selection Committee but also by the Oxford Colleges to which the successful candidates apply for admission.
4. The names and addresses of six persons well acquainted with the candidate, under at least three of whom he/she must have studied. Please ensure that at least three of the six referees write about the candidate’s academic ability and attainments. These references will be used in making application to Oxford Colleges. It is neither necessary nor desirable to include names of prominent persons in the country, if they do not know the candidate well. Such references often go waste. Instead include names of those who know the candidates well and know their strengths and weaknesses.
5. One unmounted passport size photographs.
6. A medical certificate on a special form provided by the Rhodes Trust, from an approved doctor will be required from the candidates short listed. The Rhodes Trustees reserve the right to cancel the selection of any candidate with an adverse report.
How to Apply:
     Step 1: Download the application form from website link

Step 2: Fill up the application form.
Step 3: Send your application completely filled to the following address on or before JULY 31, 2012

National Secretary for India,
Professor Vir Chauhan,
The Secretary,
The Rhodes Scholarships in India,
International Centre for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology,
PO Box 10504,
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi 110067,
Telephone: +91 11 2674 2317 or +91 11 2674 1260
Fax: +91 11 2674 2316
Email Address: 

 For further information on the Rhodes Trust and the Rhodes Scholarships, please visit

You can download the application form here
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