Monday, 21 March 2016

AP EPASS- - Epass scholarships 2016-17/Parents Aadhaar Exempted

Epass Scholarships - AP epass..Parents Aadhaar Exempted for 2016-17/2015-16/2014-15:

epass scholarships/ap epass 2016-17...parents Aadhaar is optional for epass registrations

    Great news to post matric students of AP/ Epass Scholarships students of AP.

           All are aware of Aadhaar numbers of student,father and mother is mandatory to disclose in epass for registration of post matric scholarships.If any one of the three doesn't have Aadhaar, that student is unable to register his epass scholarships application online for claiming tuition fee reimbursement(RTF) and maintenance fee(MTF) .some portion of the students didn't register their applictions in 2014-15/2015-16 and even if they registered,those epass applications can't be processed.

              By observing this,Govt of AP has taken a pro - student policy decision to exempt the parents Aadhaar/relax the submission of parents Aadhaar from mandatory to optional for the  registration of epass scholarships 2016-17 and also for processing all the epass applications of 2015-16 and 2014-15 which involves in parents Aadhaar for verification and sanctions.Accordingly, Govt of AP has issued  GO MS NO.30 SW EDN II DEPT,Dt,16-03-2016 to exempt parents Aadhaar for the registrations of epass postmatric scholarships 2016-17.

     Hence all the students are requested to note that students Aadhaar is only mandatory for 2016-17 epass registrations. Submission of Parents Aadhaar is only optional.

Yes its really great news and relief to postmatric scholarship students.Thanks to Govt of AP.

     ......wishing you all have the smooth epass scholarships registration for 2016-17...

                         ..........     epass scholarships/AP epass  


  1. how to select the option father in ration card when both father and mother are not alive and the ration card is of guardian's name?

    1. You need not select the options. Just select and unselect them, only select student aadhar and ration card with student is enough for successful registration and use Internet Explorer 11 for applying. For more details contact me.

  2. my ration card has been not valid itseems coz its of 2005 year....wat should i eeass its cumng as no details found

  3. My parents don't have addar cards Becuase they lived in Kuwait...but hw to apply scholarship.

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