Tuesday, 31 May 2016

EPASS - Service Enabled for the Release of Remaining 25% of RTF in AP EPASS for 2015-16

EPASS -Release Service Enabled for the Remaining 25% of RTF(Reimbursement of Tuition Fee) in  AP EPASS :

                  Epass Scholarships invites the attention of the colleges and the students on the apepass news that the Social Welfare Department of Govt of AP , as a Nodal Department for AP PostMatric Scholarships , has issued orders to CGG who are maintaining the epass webportal of AP,ie, apepass.cgg.gov.in ,to enable the service in APEPASS for the release of the remaining 25% of RTF(Reimbursement of Tuition Fee) of the academic year 2015-16.Accordingly CGG has enabled the service for the release of remaining 25% RTF in ap epass which applies for all welfare departments,ie; Social Welfare,BC Welfare,Tribal Welfare,Disabled Welfare and Minority welfare.

        Hence, the service for the release of 100% RTF is now provided in APEPASS for the year 2015-16 for all SC,ST,BC,EBC,DW& MW students. 

100% Release of RTF in EPASS:

              Hence all the students who applied for AP Post-Matric Scholarships and the managements of all colleges in AP ,who are in the fold of epass scholarships are requested to note this epass news and pursue with concerned District welfare officials & PMU officials to get the pending Tuition Fee(RTF) & Scholarships(MTF) released.

Rs.800Crs Budget Released towards the payments of EPASS Scholarships :

            Nearly Rs.800/- Crores were released to the districts for the payments of pending Tuition Fee & Scholarships for all departments. We think this is the good & happy news for all of you.

                         Best Of Luck

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  1. Lalam M. Naidu7 June 2016 at 21:54

    I had completed my Graduation in EEE in the year 2010. Now, I'd like to pursue M.E this year(2016). Am I eligible to avail both Fee Reimbursement Scheme & Scholarship Schemes? If yes kindly arrange to provide me the complete details of it.

    Thanking You.
    Lalam M. Naidu

  2. Eligible if you are admitted in ME under convenor quota of PGECET and below the prescribed income ceiling and age limit.Also try for foreign studies through Ambedkar Overseas Vidyanidhi scheme

  3. I had completed my Graduation in B.E in the year 2016 IN HYD .Now, I'dont get last two year 2014-2015,2015-2016 scholarship . biomterics completed but status showing on the screen hard copy not received by dist officerand the college sir tell were we submit ur from i don't get any guidelness please tell me when this process occur please doit soon sir memo r not given. AP miniorties student were apply the overseas scholarship schemes plz

    1. Pl contact Mr.Madhusudhan at PMU,Hyderabad.He can solve your problem or show you a right way

  4. This scheem is all over india working?. And or andhra paradedh only.

  5. l had completed my graduation in 2013 and im pursuing Mtech but iam not get any mtf scholarship last 3 onwards. My scholarship ship status shows send to treasury
    . What is that meaning

  6. I'm sure students are very excited for the release of the result of this epass service, glad they don't have to go to the official site to see view the scholarships and links.

  7. Hi,

    I am from AndhraPradesh, studying in Telangana.

    I did scholarship registration for year 2014-2015 on June-24-2015.

    At that time I got the information from college like Telangana students can apply, but don't know about AndhraPradesh students who are studying in TG.

    Later, I didn't get any intimation/alert from our college that AP students should apply fresh registration for the year 2015-2016. So, I didn't apply for fresh registration for 2015-2016 year.

    Is there any way to apply fresh registration for 2015-2016?

    Please help me.

  8. Hi,

    I am Studying 2nd MBA.I had completed renewal application for Reimbursement the status is photo uploaded wrong but I am Uploaded correct photo and it is continue from my graduation.I got Reimbursement in my 1st year.

    I am trying to edit my application but while enter my details it shows an error "Enter Details Correctly". Can you please solve the issue as quick as possible. I have seen my details in Status form but in Application Editing Form
    I am unable to see my details

    Application Number:201604459938
    Academic Year :2016-2017
    SSC Hall ticket : 1009110150
    Year of Passing : 2010
    Date of Birth : 14-07-1995
    Pass Type : AP Regular.

  9. Sir, I have received only the MTF in my account but RTF is still not issued.Is there any problem with my application or there aren't sufficient funds at govt.
    I received the full(Both Rtf and Mtf) amount on my first year(2014-2015).
    When will I get the RTF amount for 2015-16

  10. Cool! Thanks for this post! I have just got my thesis paper from supremedissertations.com and I am ready for buying the EPASS